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We laid down the basic working principles of Ondokuz Organization, which we established in 2005, by analyzing the experience and know-how we had gained in our previous professional work lives, and by identifying the areas that need to be further improved.

Instead of creating a large customer portfolio, we determined our company strategy as to work as a boutique company offering a range of services that can meet all of the needs of our business partners in event management from A to Z, opening different channels when necessary and working with high concentration.

In order to realize this strategy that we have created, we have determined the following as our company constitution.


  • To be able to reflect high energy, concentration and motivation, which are the most important elements of a successful event management,
    to our performance consistently.
  • To be innovative and creative
  • To follow technological and global developments closely,
  • To show the difference by making a difference,
  • To be able to apply digital integration in every field,
  • To be able to use social media communication as necessary in event management,
  • To understand the importance of being flexible and producing plenty of alternatives in order to be solution-oriented,
  • To reach both large audiences and niches according to the requirements of the goals and targets,
  • To be sensitive about budget limits,
  • To understand the importance of understanding the targets correctly, not the size of the budget for the projects that will make an impact.




  • Hybrid activities
  • Online and offline broadcasts
  • Launches
  • Dealer Meetings
  • Field activities
  • Projects integrated with digital
  • Exhibitions
  • Sponsorship agreements and management
  • Roadshows
  • Interactive projects
  • Festivals
  • Tradeshow booth services
  • Production works
  • Trainings
  • Special Parties
  • Press Meetings
  • Social Activities
  • Promotion and
    Merchandising Solutions
  • Congresses
  • Tour Organizations
  • Transport and Transfer Coordination
  • Flight reservation planning
  • Service Team Planning
  • Meetings
  • Special Activities
  • Special Programs
  • Tour Organizations
  • Flight Reservation Planning/li>
  • Transport and Transfer Coordination


  • Toplantılar
  • Özel Etkinlikler
  • Özel Programlar
  • Tur Organizasyonları
  • Uçak rezervasyonu planlama
  • Ulaşım ve transfer koordinasyonu


Toyota Proace City Dijital Stüdyo Kurulum

Yeni Toyota Yaris Online Lansman Kurulum

Start Your Impossible Basın ve Bayi Online Lansman

Yeni Hilux Online Bayi Toplantısı

Toyota Corolla Hatchback Lansman ve Bayi Toplantısı

Toyota Corolla Lansman ve Bayi Toplantısı

MW Challenge 2021

TEHAD Elektrikli ve Hibrit Sürüş Haftası

Uçan Otomobil Lexus Ankara’da !

Toyota Camry&RAV4 Lansmanı

Toyota Hybrid Quiz Team Etkinliği

Toyota Hybrid Quiz Team Etkinliği

Lexus ile Şık Sohbetler

Lexus Dolmabahçe Showroom Açılış Etkinliği

Lexus Mahall Ankara Showroom Açılış Etkinliği

Lexus RX 300 Hotel Caeli Sergileme

Spiaggia Grande Lexus Sergileme Etkinliği 2019

Toyota Hybrid Lezzetler

Öze Dönüş – Bayi Toplantısı ve Gezisi

Filo Yöneticileri Corolla Lansmanı

Filo Yöneticileri Corolla Lansmanı

Mudurnu Off-Road Fest Etkinliği 2019

2019 Küçükçiftlik Park Sweat Fest

2019 Bozcaada Yarı Maratonu

Çeşme Paparazzi Beach Toyota Sergileme Etkinliği

Yalıkavak Marina Lexus LS 500h Sergileme Etkinliği

Uludağ Toyota Hilux Araç Sergileme

Zıpla Dans Et Enerji Üret Etkinliği

Toyota Hilux Senfoni – Sergileme

Gülümse Şarjını Fulle Sinema Etkinliği

Gülümse Şarjını Fulle

Gülümse Şarjını Fulle

Gülümse Şarjını Fulle Sinemada !

Toyota Hybrid Şarj Yeri Bulma Etkinliği

Watergarden Toyota Araç Sergileme Etkinliği

Lexus Omotenashi Before Sunset Sergileme

Lexus ES300h Araç Sergileme Etkinliği

Yalıkavak Marina Toyota Camry Sergileme Etkinliği

Lexus Maslak Showroom Açılışı

Hilux Hi-Ride Parkur Sporu

Hilux Hi-Ride Yamaç Paraşütü

Hilux Hi-Ride


Hilux’la Sıradan Bir Gün…

Hilux Challenge Şehre İndi

Kemerburgaz Hilux Challenge

Toyota Hilux Challenge Road Show

Toyota Hilux Off Road Parkur Etkinliği

Autoshow Toyota

Toyota Bayi Yöneticileri Fabrika Ziyareti

Toyota Hybrid Test Sürüş Etkinliği

Toyota Hybrid Test Sürüş Etkinliği


As ONDOKUZ ORGANIZATION, we have successfully managed and organized all events within the scope of the carnival since its first year. We are very proud and happy to be a successful stakeholder of the Orange Blossom Carnival, which is the first and still the only street carnival of our country, for the past 8 years.